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We Remember ACTs Life Members
The Actors' Circle Theatre is constantly growing. With each new performance, many new actors often join the troupe. Below is a list of actors who are currently active with ACT, or have performed with us in the past.

Kath Allen
Beth Alpaugh-Cote

Wendy Almeida
Linda Anderson

Carol Arnold
Gary Armstrong
Mary Armstrong
Erica Assimakopoulos
Betty Baker
Amiana Banks
Gary Banks
Etta Batchelder
Alfa Bishop
Dean Blake
Kenneth Blanchard

Rich Booth
Traci Booth
Ramona Branch
Jessica Brown
Rhonda J. Brown

Mel Bucklin
Liz Buonicore
Mary Bush

Kay Butler
Jaz E. Carroll
Douglas Challenger
Nell Conkright

Chris Commander

Mallory Cook
PJ Cooke
Dorothy Cork
David Corliss
Ray Cote

Emma Crowley
Martha Dahl
Erin Davis
Rick Davis
Regina Dixon
Tom Dowling
George Duncan

Peter Eisenstadter

Putnam Erciline
Cynthia Ewing
Chris Fleming

Jenna Fraser

Mitch Fortier

John Franklin
Sarah Franklin

David Franz

Scott Gardner
Debbie Giaimo

Fred Giamio
Caitlin Gillam
John Haley

Martin Hanft
Chet Heinzman
Julie Hinman
Maggie Hinman

Ashley Hughes
Stephanie Hurley

Scott Katrycz
Emily Keck

Bill Kennedy
Terry Kilvert

Tzofi Klinghoffer
Arthur Knight
Arthur Knowles
Judy Koch
Rob Koch

Alana Korda
Todd Kuty
Philip Lauriat
Courtney Lawn
Laura Leigh

Lynda Loll
Glori B. Luebbermann
Tom Luebbermann

Chris McCartie
Kristin McCaughey
Mary McDowell

Sharon McHugh

Sue McPhee

Emily MacLeod

Norman MacLeod
Joanne Mead

Abby Meillio

Sydney Michalak

Jennifer Miller
James Mitchell
Beverly Monkton

Mia Moravis
Jim Murphy

Elli Neeld
Don Nelson

Amy Nichols

Vivian Nicholl

Marilyn Odendahl

Jan Oliver

Ivan Parks
Merilee Patty
Lisa Perreault

Geoffrey Phillips
David Premo
Caryl Procita
Michael Redmond

Deborah Rodgers
George Ruppel
John Sansone
Kevin Schmidlein
Kurt Schmidlein
Mary Schmidlein
Mary Schneckenberger
Heidi Schweiger

John Sefel

Mariah Sefel
Sue Shanoff

Ed Sheldon
Ken Sheldon
Dwight Shelton
Beth A. Signoretti

Marilyn Simons

Sam Skove
Risė Smythe-Freed

Ben Snow
Erin Stephens

Jennifer Stanley
Shelby Stanton
Liz Sumner
Hope Taylor
Sarah Taylor
David Teubner

Deborah S. Thurber
Carin Torp
Bert Torsey
Millie Vigneault

Emma Vorfeld
Amanda Warman
Dolores Webb

Skye Williams

Jane Wisan
Laura Woremer
Elizabeth Wright
Katrina Yeager

Michael Zrzavy

Become A Member
As a member of the ACT community, your contribution is important to us, whether you perform onstage, work behind the scenes, or encourage us from the audience.

Another way you support the group is through your annual $20 membership dues.


As a dues-paying ACT member, you will receive a membership card, which entitles you to:

- Discounts on the ACT gear (hats, t-shirts, etc.) sold through our website

- A $2.00 discount on your ticket on any 2010 ACT production

- Audition notices for ACT and other NH Theatre Association groups

- Access to perusal scripts to help you prepare for auditions

- ACT voting privileges

- Bio/Picture on website

- Run for the ACT Board

If you would like to become a member or renew you membership for 2010 please fill out the MEMBERSHIP FORM and send it to:


Actors' Circle Theatre

PO Box 374

Peterborough, NH 03458


Questions? Please contact us at actorscircle@gmail.com.

Members Information Update:
We continually update our membership list to ensure that our members are kept up to date regarding ACT affairs. If your address, e-mail or phone number has changed or if youneed to up-date your bio please fill our the MEMBERSHIP FORM and send it to: Actors' Circle Theatre, PO Box 374, Peterborough NH 03458 or e-mail actorscircle@gmail.com.
We Remember ACT's Life Members

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