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    Shakespeare In the Park 2011 - As You Like It

    August 6-7 & 13-14 at Depot Square Park!

As You Like It


 4th Annual Shakespeare in the Park production



As Jaques famously states in this Shakespearean comedy, "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players..." Join ACT as they explore these seven ages of mankind, and retreat with these comical characters into the Forests of Arden. Whether it's a group of men reconnecting with their boyish days, a woman disguised as a man desperately wanting to woo her love, or a cynical clown who bluntly tells it like it is, each who enters and returns from the forest is better for their journey through the woods, and ultimately, love - whether romantic, familial, or brotherly - truly does conquer all.



Saturday & Sunday August 6-7 &13-15 at 5pm - FREE ADMISSION

Depot Square Park located in downtown Peterborough, NH.

Click HERE for directions.

Depot Square

11 School Street

Peterborough, NH 03458



As You Like It- Cast List

The Court of Duke Frederick:

  • Duke Frederick- Ted O'Brien
  • Rosalind- Jenna Fraser
  • Celia- Heather Dickson
  • Touchstone- Scott Gardner
  • Le Beau- Marilyn Simons
  • Charles- Steve Bourque

The Exiled Court of Duke Senior in the Forest of Arden:

  • Duke Senior- Michael Redmond
  • Jaques- Wendy Almeida
  • Amiens- Mel Andrews

The Household of the deceased Sir Rowland de Boys:

  • Orlando- Matthew Carr
  • Oliver- Guyon Kukalis
  • Jaques- Christopher Commander
  • Adam- Ben Wise

Country folk in the Forest of Arden:

  • Phebe- Mia Moravis
  • Silvius- Chris McCartie
  • Audrey- Alana Korda
  • Corin- Marilyn Simons
  • William- Steve Bourque
  • Sir Oliver Martext, a Vicar- Henry Parkhurst

Other characters:

  • Young Rosalind- Mallory Fraser
  • Young Celia- Emma Crowley
  • Pages, Servants, etc.- Mallory Fraser, Emma Crowley
  • Guards- Chris McCartie, Christopher Commander
  • Lord- Keith Matthews
  • Lady - Red Rice
  • Guards- Christopher Commander, Chris McCartie
  • Musician (Recorder)- Jenny Holan

Director- Chris McCartie

Producer- Mia Moravis



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